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ERP – Oracle Financials Cloud New Features R12 (Part I)

If you need more information you can check the Readiness User Experience Financial Setup Screens The new look-and-feel of the transaction pages that was introduced in the earlier reléase has been expanded to all Financial setup pages. Fields, buttons, and regions may have been moved in order to provide a more effective and accessible work

Oracle Cloud: FSM to migrate Oracle ERP Cloud reference data (Video in Spanish)

Os muestro un video basado en un white paper de Oracle sobre como migrar ‘reference data’ de una instancia a otra. Esta funcionalidad está disponible en Oracle ERP Fusion en la version R11.

Create an Implementation Project Activity (Oracle Cloud R10)

Before you begin creating your enterprise, your implementation consultant or system administrator must create an implementation project. An implementation project defines the scope of the implementation. The implementation project can be populated by adding one or more related offerings or task lists. In the following example, you will be adding the Financials offering and required

Getting Started in Oracle Fusion Financials (Oracle Cloud R10)

During next weeks I will share some post about how start The first step is sign is as the user provided by Oracle if it is the first time or your Oracle implementation user if you have already your own user. After you sign in, the first step is check the ‘Oracle Fusion Application home