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by Javier Huerta

Lisbon: Oracle Partner PaaS Summer Camps VII

During this week many Oracle pratitioners are attending to the PaaS Bootcamp. With a great location in Lisbon, hotel Lagoas Park several session are conducting in parallel:

  • Process Cloud Service & Application Builder Cloud Service
  • API Cloud Platform Service & Integration Cloud Service
  • Cloud Application Development: JET + DevCS, ACCS, Stacks + CCS, Wercker as Docker centric DevOps tool & Management Cloud Service
  • Chatbots, Mobile Cloud Service & JET
  • Enrich SaaS with PaaS (CX and ERP Cloud)
  • Content & Experience Cloud & Chatbots.

I work as SaaS specialist so I am attending to the ‘Enrich SaaS with PaaS (CX and ERP Cloud)‘ we are 12 experience consultant in class and there is a great instructor: Anand Potti.

The training is very practical and is focus how to connect the Oracle SaaS applications with third systems or even connect different SaaS solutions.

If you are interested to attend next year I think that make sense to have a look to the agenda of this year.

Javier Huerta Navas

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