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How to Create the First Implementation User (Oracle Cloud R10)

The very first user you need to create before you can create an Implementation Project is an Implementation User, such as an Application Implementation Consultant

  • Login with your fusion login userid and password. (This user must be a superuser, such as FAADMIN.)
  • Select Navigator> Setup and Maintenance

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  • From the All Tasks tab, enter in the Name field Create Implementation Users.

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  • Click the Go to Task icon for this task. This opens Identity Manager.

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  • Click on the Administration link on the top right hand corner of the main page.

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  • Click Create User

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  • enter the following:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • User Login
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Organization
    • User Type: Choose Anything
    • Click the Save button.

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  • Click the Roles tab.

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  • In the Roles tab, the ALL USERS role will already be assigned by default.
  • Click Assign icon to bring up the window to search for additional roles to add to the user.
  • In the Display Name field, search on Application Implementation Consultant. Select it and choose the Add button on the bottom right. Click Assign to bring up the window to search for additional roles to add to the user.

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  • Add the following Roles:
    • Application Implementation Consultant
    • IT Security Manager
    • OIMAdministrators
    • Human Capital Management Application Administrator
    • Human Resource Manager
    • Employee (This is needed for Scheduled Processes to show up on the Navigator.)

Close the window. You will need to log in with your userid and enter a new password.


More info in the next post…

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