How I passed ‘Payables 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-334’


During last Oracle Open World I passed the exam 1z0-334 to get the Payables Cloud certification. I have received several messages about recommendations to pass the exam. So here I go…

  • The exam is partially based in previous versions like the 11g and 2004. I could say that 40% of the questions are common. In this link you have an old exam, but very careful because the answers are wrong.
  • It is basic to read the Oracle Payables User Guide.
  • There are like 4 questions related with ‘Applying Credits Up to Zero Amount Payments’ so it is a must to read and understand these examples.
  • There are other 3 or 4 questions related with ‘Pay Through Dates and Payment Dates in Payment Process Requests’ so again review also these examples from the user guide.
  • There are other 4 related with expense report, about the role of account auditor.

In general de AP exam was much easier that the GL one, and I recommend to review the examples from the user guide.

Good luck!

Javier Huerta Navas


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