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Create an Implementation Project Activity (Oracle Cloud R10)

Before you begin creating your enterprise, your implementation consultant or system administrator must create an implementation project. An implementation project defines the scope of the implementation. The implementation project can be populated by adding one or more related offerings or task lists.

In the following example, you will be adding the Financials offering and required product task lists.

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Navigate from the Home page: Navigator > Setup and Maintenance
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Click the Manage Implementation Projects

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Click the Create

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  • Enter a unique Name: JHN-Project-2, Note that when you tab out of the Name field, the Code and Description will populate for you and can be modified if required.
  • Tab to the Code field. JHN-Project-2 will default.
    This must be all caps, no spaces.
  • Optionally change the default Description

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  • Click the Next (The Create Implementation Project: Select Offerings to Implement page will be displayed.)
  • Expand the Financials
  • Select the Include checkbox for Financials, and all of the nested offerings: Supplier Invoice Processing, Expenses, Fixed Assets, Customer Invoice Processing, Collections, Revenue Management, and
  • Click the Save and Open Project

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  • Expand the Financials task list and view the implementation tasks that were included in the Financials You will work with most of these task lists during this course.
  • Click the Select and Add icon to add more tasks. Note: click without any lines highlighted. If you were to highlight a task list line first, the task would be added as a child in the task.

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  • Add the following by doing a search on %Rapid Impl%:
    • Define Financials Configuration for Rapid Implementation
  • Click
  • Click Done to close the Manage Implementation Projects

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