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by Javier Huerta

BGOUG Spring Conference 2017

In September 2002 after I finish my studies in Economics I applied for a ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ program to spend 4 months as trainee in Sofia. I remember that as very wonderful time, I liked the country and the people of Bulgaria.

This year I wanted to send some papers for the different Oracle conferences accross Europe and one of my favourites was the Bulgarian one managed by the BGOUG. So I got very happy when I received this message:

‘Dear Javier Huerta,
Thank you for your request to participate in the BGOUG conference as a speaker.
The BGOUG agenda team is delighted to inform you that we have accepted your presentation’

This weekend was the conference. I head to Sofia on Friday after a busy week in KPMG with a big win for the Oracle Practice and new project oportunities for the team. At 2.30 am local time I got the amazing ‘Hotel RIU Pravets Resort‘ location of the event. I just slept about two hours since I wanted to get everything ready for morning session. I woke up early and you can see that the view from my room was lovely:

At 7.30 I went for breakfast I have to say that the night before with my late flight I could not eat anything so I was quite hungry in the morning. At the restaurant I saw someone that I normally follow in the social networks, Tim Hall (, but I though it was not the best place and time to introduce myself.

After the breakfast it was time to get the credentials:

At 10.00 am Hall A I attend to the session of  Kamil Stawiarski ‘Go deep into PL/SQL with low level toolkit – DTrace style’ the room was totally crowded! and really good session.

At 11.15 it was my session! I explained the functionality of FAHRCS it was based in the presentation of David Haimes in OOW16 but adding my own experience and additional comments about expectations, pricing, etc… David is better speaker than me 🙂 here is a picture of the moment:

After my session in the same room Ahmed Aboulnaga Technical Director in Raastech presented ‘Oracle Compute Cloud vs. Amazon Web Services EC2 – A Hands-On Showdown’ it was a very practical session about IaaS comparing prices and performance between Oracle and Amazon.

I want to congratulate BGOUG for the amazing organization and great event. I hope I can come back next times.

Javier Huerta Navas

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