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by Javier Huerta

Oracle eBS-AR: Check Account Details

The Account Details form allows a user with access to Receivables to Inquiry detailed or summary information about the Invoices, Receipts, Credit memos, Debit memos, and Commitments of a selected customer.


Find Account Details form is displayed

The account details can be queried by any of the search criteria displayed in the screen below (similar to Oracle 11i).


  • Select the Operating unit (if you are using a responsibility with access to multiple Operating Units)
  • Enter the Bill to Customer Name
  • Enter any other search criteria like
    1. Transaction Class (to find transactions with specific class)
    2. Transaction Source (to find transactions from a specific Source)
    3. Transaction Number (to find a specific transaction)
    4. Amounts (to find transactions with specific amount


The account details form will display the details based on the selection criteria previously defined.


This form is similar to R11i, however it removes the possibility of inquiry customer’s Dunning history, call and dispute history, since that functionality has moved to the collection workbench form.

Javier Huerta Navas

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