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by Javier Huerta

6 logistic recommendations for Oracle OpenWorld 2016



This will be my fourth Oracle OpenWorld, when a new year begins I book a week from holidays and I save my budget to attend to the Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. I pay all the expenses myself and use my own holidays for this fantastic event. For me #oow16 is great learning, networking opportunities and meet old friends.

In this post I would like to make some recommendations for those that are planning to book this event.

  • Full Conference Pass: If you plan to attend to the conference, soonest the best. You will save an important amount if you book your registration in advance. For this year maybe is later but keep it in mind for next one maybe as soon as the #oow16 ends you can book your pass for #oow17.


  • Flights: This is the task where I normally invest more time. I use to create an alert to find the cheapest flights. Always I have got tickets from Madrid to SFO for less than 700 €, this year I fligh with Air France (Madrid-Atlanta-San Francisco). Once you get San Francisco International Airport the best way is take the Bart, if you are hosted in the City Center probably your stop is Powell St, if you are hosted in any other city in the Bay area you should head to Millbrae and there take the Caltrain. Here a Bart Map:
  • Captura de pantalla 2016-08-09 01.50.04


  • Accomodation: The hotels in San Francisco during that week are expensive, what I do it is stay in Red Wood City, 45 minutes by train (Caltrain) to the Moscone Center, you can try with RWC or any other city with a Caltrain stop, basically with the cost of one night in SFO you can afford to stay the whole week in another place in the Bay Area. Here a Caltrain Map:Captura de pantalla 2016-08-09 01.41.39You can see here where is the station for Caltrain in SFO, where is located the Moscone Center and the Bart Station
  • Captura de pantalla 2016-08-09 02.01.35
  • Food: During the event the lunch and dinner are included with the full access so you don’t need to expend money on this, you can find coffe and fruit in the Moscone Center during all day and also if you have access to any lounge there are free drinks and food. However San Francisco is a very nice city with a wide range of possibilities and I recommend take a break and try with one of the nice places. I am a big fun of Burgers so I normally try with Five Guys or In n Out, but near to the Moscone Center there are very good burgers in ‘Super Duper Burgers(
    783 Mission St)


Captura de pantalla 2016-08-10 23.25.14

As I mentioned there are different lounges for Bloggers/Press, OTN, Partners, etc… you can ask in the recepcion, here are 1o recommendations from Mike Stiles about the lounges:

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-10 23.31.13


  • Appreciation Event: Always on Wednesday there is the appreciation event, you need to remember to take your ticket in the Moscone West, thi event is included if you are registered for a full conference package, you can enjoy of free drinks and food and a live performing, this year will be Billy Joel. Normally takes place on Treasure Island bus this year there is a different location, this year will be held at AT&T Park, I think is a good choice since is a walking distance and is not needed take a bus like in Treasury Island. This event is a must during this week.


  • Other Events: As I mentioned in my introduction for me OOW is networking and to get adventage of this, there are lots of informal events, I will mention some of them that I plan to participate:


  • OpenWorld Bridge Run: Run across the Golden Gate Bridge and Back – about 3.5 miles or a 5K depending on your starting point. Here the link.

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-10 23.52.39


  • My Oracle Support Monday Mix: After a busy day at Oracle OpenWorld, take a break and unwind with your peers. Stop by and get to know the Oracle Support Engineers you depend on as well as key Oracle Support executives and developers over drinks and hors d’oevres. Admission is free for Premier Support customers with your Oracle OpenWorld badge.


  • Drinks for Bloggers: During the week, I don’t know the day for this year yet there are some drinks for Oracle Bloggers, it is a good opportunity to exchange ideas about your blog! and more important enjoy some drinks.


  • Other events: there are events for the ACE family, for the regional User Groups, for Oracle employees… I told you this is the event of networking.


See you in San Francisco!

Javier Huerta Navas

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